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21SE ..smaller rig for  Bottom

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  • For a quick read on inversion experiences, have a look at the Fboat list and you'll see the Fboats position their reefs according to the shrouds/spreaders/diamonds and problems can occur when doing something without proper engineering analysis (I think many F27s added a 2nd spreader). On my Bimare F18HT I had a smaller sail made that would be raised in its entirety to properly distribute loads as it was recommended against using a smaller sail that did not go the full length of the mast. Now having said this, I believe many Everglades Challenge boats add the ability to reef.

  • These responses tell me how much I don't know. I never expected a smaller sail on the stock beefy mast to be problematic. Similarly, I never expected a smaller rig/sail combo (ie H18) to be problematic on a heavier boat. At this point I'm not sure what the correct solution is or what I will do. Maybe roll the dice, maybe can the whole thing.

    Robert Netsch
    Nags Head, NC
  • I'd look back at the Hobie 21SC, which has the exact same extrusion mast, but shorter and see how Hobie designed it to reef.

    Having said the above, I've never felt the need, but only have been out to about 20. Man, that's fun!

    Chuck C.
    H21SE 408
  • Quote I believe many Everglades Challenge boats add the ability to reef.

    It is a requirement

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