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Beachwheels: with or without cradles  Bottom

  • I just replaced my trailer rear cradles with rollers, so I have a couple cradles that I could use on the beachwheels. But I'm not sure if it's really worth it, what would be the big advantage? My boat is a Nacra 5.5, rounded bottom. One concern is that it might be harder to push the wheels under the boat, especially on the ground. When I do it solo I normally pull from one side and then from the other a couple times, the axle is diagonal between these movements, whith the cradles that would limited and I'd have to push from the center, maybe raise the boat from the bridle, I don't do it this way typically. Maybe the cradles slide less on the hull and it's easier to push the wheels from the center. Anyways, is it really worth it?
  • Yes. It is.

    The issue will be fitting the trailer cradles on the round axel. The traxx cradles are designed to sit on the round tube and clamp on. The others are bolted on an aluminum box frame.

    You will need to drill 2 large holes through the traxx tube (aligned) for each cradle and secure w stainless bolts. I had to add large shims as well. No 2 trailer bunks seemed to be glassed the same. “Sloppy” is the word to describe them.

    By comparison, the traxx cradles are formed the fit flush the first time and can be easily repositioned or removed.

    Either way, they will make your life easier and put less stress on your hulls.

    Prindle 18
  • Definitely with cradles. Minenarent perfectly aligned, but they are close enough that the weight of the boat turns them straight

    Captain Chris Holley
    Fulshear, TX
    '87 Prindle 19 "¡Hijole!"
    '74 sunfish "1fish"
  • One bonus of not using cradles is that there’s nothing to rotate or line up before putting the wheels under the boat. Just put them at the bows and push. The downside is that they will kick out under the weight of the boat as easily as they went in. This means you have to constantly hold or tie off the line or the wheels will come out of position. With cradles, the wheels will stay put - for short trips on even terrain, you don’t even need to tie them on. The most obvious advantage of cradles is that they don’t point load or damage the hull like a solid axle can do.

  • Dogboy With cradles, the wheels will stay put - for short trips on even terrain, you don’t even need to tie them on.

    This makes all the difference on my H16. Don't know about the N5.5, but the balance point on the H16 is a foot or so aft of the shrouds, and it's stupid easy to move the boat around on my Cat Trax when it's perfectly balanced. Without cradles, the wheels will slide back and forth requiring you to fight the weight that's forcing the bows up/down.

    Jerome Vaughan
    Hobie 16
    Clinton, Mississippi
  • I made mine from a set of wheels purchased from eBay and a PVC tube & carbon sleeve. I have a rope at each end that attaches the wheels to the boat when trailering and also right around either the front beam or my wings. When tied like this pole may slip at most 6 inches but the ease of putting it under the boat and sliding it with my foot as necessary is priceless. Note I do have an extra set of cradles (not selling) so this configuration is by choice.

    James H17

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