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Go-Pro Mount??  Bottom

  • I know it's somewhere on the site but I've not been able to find suggestions on how/where to mount a Go-Pro camera.....specifically on a Hobie 16

    thanks in advance.....I know that MN3 will know where the post is
  • This may help
    My advice is have several monunts and mix them on your videos, otherwise your videos look always the same. On your head is a very good optiopn, don't forget about that one.

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  • QuoteMy advice is have several monunts and mix them on your videos,


    Search on this site for camera mount, and a few variations of that phrase

  • some good videos but I was hoping for a look at the mounts and where they're attached
  • I have a 1 meter CF tube I clamp on my spinnaker pole. You can do the same, even longer tubes from plumbing supplies, combined with bicycle mounts. The plumbing tubes can be bent with a heat gun too.

  • Here's how I do it. Between the bridles, no pole. For 2020 I plan to play around with other mounting locations including the head cam. My cams don't have the phone control feature (too old) so that you can see remotely what the camera's seeing which would make it fairly easy to aim the head cam. Any one have practice and or a technique for aiming the head cam passively (I'm talking about pre-aiming the bracket angle etc. prior to shooting so the camera is "seeing" what you're looking at).


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  • https://vimeo.com/232271161
    That’s my version of cheap gymbal, inspired on Nacdaddy’s. Just a standard GoPro mount, I filed down the joints to allow free pivoting and used a smaller diameter bolt that I had in hand. My boat has a bow foil so
    I just sticked a mount base underneath it. have another one above it, one at the top of the mast and one on a hull, just aft of the main beam. I’ve also tried with tube mounts at the tiller cross arm but it gets in the way of the tiller extension. if I had to choose only one it would be the head mount, second preference is the gymbal.

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  • Always use a lanyard
  • I use a helmet when I sail lost a
    few brain cells over the years on the boom
    Would you mount the gopro on top of you helmet
    or on the side. Which works best?
  • QuoteWould you mount the gopro on top of you helmet
    or on the side. Which works best?

    I think you will hit the camera into the boom a lot if you put it on the top
  • I use Contour Roam for a side helmet mount. Waterproof without a case so get good personal audio. Put tape over the microphone hole and that will eliminate wind noise without ruining the quality.

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  • Joseph Bennett, JoyriderTV, mounts one on the bill of a ball cap. It keeps the camera lower than a top of the head type mount. BTW, if you haven’t seen his YouTube channel it’s definitely worth watching.

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