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Sodebo & The Jules Verne  Bottom

  • Are you following this attempt at the round the world record?

    They are 677 miles ahead at Cape Horn and cruising at 38 knots. Although Sodebo is further South, they are passing the Vende Globe race boats that started a week or so earlier.

  • Oops! Cape of Good Hope
  • 50 Degrees S and looking out for ice.

    Air temp 39

    Water temp 32

    Broad reaching through the Southern Ocean.
  • Hi!
    I am sorry, I don't speak French and don't fully understand. I thought that was supposed to be an attempt of around the world trip? But yet looking at the map I see a loop done and is that it? Did I completely missed the point (what is highly possible I am afraid).

    Chris from Watters Electrical
  • They broke the boat and have turned around and are headed back to France.

    Gitana has started another Jules Verne attempt.

  • Jules Verne Trophy wikipedia entry for those not familiar with the race.


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