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Review Intensity Sails for Hobie 16  Bottom

  • Quick review of INTENSITY SAILS: Another customer commented -"Tempered by extraordinarily bad customer service and atrocious attitude." The lesson being that I should have read the reviews before experiencing this for myself. Unfortunate that Jim is unwilling to accept responsibility for his efforts to ship as economically as possible; and does not value being a man of his word - decided on further reflection not to refund the $44.00 it cost me to return sails damaged in shipping; and basically accused me of just wanting to look at them and return them at his cost! Also suggested I was an extortioner for saying I'd contact my credit card company and post to social media to warn others of the hazards of doing business with this company.

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  • what was the damage?
    if it was in shipping, wasn't this noticed at delivery?
    the shipping company may be responsible / liable / cover any cost associated with shipment damage

    what kind of sails (main/jib/other?

    what kind of boat?
  • My $0.02 on shipping:
    If you did not note the damage to the box on the receipt or electronically at the time of receipt, (if you even had the chance) then the damage is considered hidden, and the fault for that is spread equally between you, the vendor and the shipping company. So you could get a third from the shipping company about a year from now, unless they find some other loop hole like "this package does not qualify for shipping coverage." You assume a third, and you have gotten an answer from your vendor about his part. So sorry you have found yourself in this position.

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  • .

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  • Lesson to anyone getting products via the mail

    the first $100 is insured without additional charge for ups and fedex
    usps is $50 or $100 depending on what method it is shipped

    sails are gonna be a lot more and should be insured for the full amount - this cost should be included with the cost of the sails or agreed that there will be additional costs for this

    GET THIS IN WRITING BEFORE PAYING - or it's your word vs the vendors

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