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Highlander trailer VIN question  Bottom

  • Hi, folks. Haven't been around in a while. I appreciate that a trailer question is rather OT, but I can't think of a better group to put this question to.

    I'm buying a cat that happens to be sitting on a Highlander trailer (apparently made by Shoreliner in TX, probably in 1983). The company went out of business somewhere around 1990.

    The VIN sticker has long since weathered/fallen off, and without a VIN it's very difficult to import into Canada. In August I bought an EZ-Loader trailer (with a couple of Sea-Doos on it - don't hate me, there's a story) that was similarly missing its VIN sticker, but EZ-Loader clued me in to the fact that they put backup VIN numbers on a little sticker inside the tongue tube right up where the hitch bolts on.

    Can anyone tell me whether this Highlander might also have a hidden backup VIN, and if so, where?


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