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Hobie Getaway submarining  Bottom

  • We sailed a Hobie 18 for years (and a 16 before that), primarily on Barnegat Bay in New Jersey, which frequently gets 15-20 knot thermal breezes from the SW that kick up decent sized rollers coming up the length of the bay. With the 18, and even with the 16, we never submarined when on a downwind course. This is our third full season with a Getaway (we had to retire the 18 and wanted lower maintenance), and things have generally been OK, but earlier this week we were between a run and a broad reach in some of these rolling swells, and to our amazement, we watched as both hulls dove into a wave and submerged all the way to the forward crossbar. Fortunately, they popped out again and we kept going. I was just curious as to whether this is a known issue with Getaways. Of course, the shorter hull length compared to the 18 must contribute.
  • I am not a getaway sailor, but would think the front tramp could help the nose dive the bow. I know it is mesh, but still likely adds resistance to popping back up.

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  • The Getaway main has a ton of roach and pushes what I would consider a squaretop main vs the pin top you're likely used to given your previous experience with the 16 and 18.
    You may just have the main eased too much twisting off the top and the wind will take and leverage the top of the main and drive your bows down.


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