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Talk me out of buying a Hobie Getaway  Bottom

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  • jalexhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIrg0hGGyuc

    This guy has some videos of him camp cruising his Getaway. I wouldn't talk you out of it, my only concern is with your background you may not think its a performer, but its a great boat.

    I cruise camp on a Gcat 5.7 and could not be happier. It suits the job perfectly. They are hard to find in decent shape though.

    Do you keep your boat on the St. Marks River south of Tallahassee? I live in the area and have a Hobie 16 and Gcat 5.7 you are welcome to take for a spin if you just need to scratch the itch. The Hobie 16 is mast up on Shell Point beach probably only 5 miles to the mouth of the St. Marks river by water, a good bit further by landEdited by jalex on Aug 15, 2019 - 03:27 PM.

    Big boat is close to Shields. I use to do the Steven Smith Regatta back in the day and know Shell point well. Interested in learning more about potential places to do mast up storage in the area. Would like to meet you face to face to learn more. Will send private message with contact info.
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  • Got a Prindle 18 2. Seems to be in fairly good shape, very nice sails. Need to find a manual for it. Hope to get it in the water this weekend. I am sure I will have lots of questions. First one is how to remove the rudders for transport.
  • congrats

    Here is a link to the manual

    where are you sailing?

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  • Quotewhere are you sailing?

    He is in my neck of the woods, Florida Big Bend. I guess we are going to get together and see what damage we can do
  • cool - enjoy
  • Still at the ranch near Crystal River. Need to do a little work on the trailer, one of the rollers is missing. Also wanna clean the boat a little. Hauled the the boat up from Clearwater yesterday with the rudders attached. There was some damage to the rudder attachment to the connecting which was repaired in a manner that means you have to remove both rudders and the connecting bar in one unit.

    Also have questions about the sails. There is one old standard jib that is usable. Also have almost brand new laminate squaretop main and jib that are most likely from another boat and may need to be recut; or mods made to the four way system for the jib. Truth be told the sails may be worth more than the boat.

    All in all it seems like a great deal for me and with a little work will be a solid boat. Trailer was like a dream at 55 on interstate. Taking a break from repacking things in the back of the van and cleaning; back to the salt mines soon.
  • We pull the long rudder pins and remove the rudders as an assembly with the crossbar connected. They fold in half nicely and can be slid under the hiking straps on the tramp for travel.

    Pete Knapp
    Schodack landing,NY
    Nacra I20,P18, P16,H16
  • if traveling distances or bumpy roads - the rudders really should be removed
    all the jostling around is not good for the fittings and can worm out the holes

    plus the wind on the system could be a lot of stress
  • Boat is safe at my marina. Still looking for somewhere I can store it mast up close to a ramp/beach. Lots of work cleaning the boat and building a trailer with four rollers instead of three. I have been reading hints about replacing some fittings to make taking apart and putting together easier. Also wondering about some type of instrument/chart plotter with a VMG function.

    Any advice welcome.

    Hope this pix works

  • https://www.thebeachcats.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=132125&g2_serialNumber=3

    QuoteI have been reading hints about replacing some fittings to make taking apart and putting together easier.

    Experience is your best method for decreasing rigging time
    yes there are a few spots to replace ring-dings for quick pins but they are minimal savings and increased risk for error or mistaken demasting

    I suggest you rig it a few dozen times and develop a system vs looking for ways to make it easier - esp if you are looking for mast up storage

    QuoteAlso wondering about some type of instrument/chart plotter with a VMG function.

    no one on a beach cat uses a plotter
    some use a gps/speedometer

    issue is you need 2 screens or a pivoting system so you can read the data from each tack - and it should be self powered (or you end up adding lots of weight and drilling holes for 12v deep cells)

    tic-tac is/was a pretty well known Speedometer (with some vmg ability) for beach cats - it has 2 screens and doesn't need 12v battery somewhere on the boat
    The Velocitek SpeedPuck is also a highly used one
    others wear a garmin watch

    IMHO these are all distractions from sailing - when you are a solo sailor they are almost counter productive (taking your eyes of your course/sails). If you are racing pins / it's of no use. If distance racing ... follow the fleet - when you consistently win ... then you don't need it

    as above ... i suggest you sail the boat a few dozen times before you worry too much about spending $ or "making it easier"
  • I've been a Hobie sailor since 1972, Had a branch dealership, Catamaran's Ltd. selling boats and renting in St. Augustine Florida for a number of years. 'Owned, sailed and at times in the '80's and '90's raced Hobie 14, 16 and 18's. Had a Monocat for a while, two Waves; a 17 later; a 21 and...Ta Da, a Prindle 18, the last one without daggerboards.
    As I got a little older I started sailing Getaways. Mine have wings, later a spinnaker kit and I've generally dolled them up with the latest Harken everything and twin traps.
    I love them. It's hard to pith pole one unless you are trying; impossible to turtle one so long as you have the foam bubble, they have a decent turn of speed but are very forgiving. And no damn daggerboards. The fin in place of those means you don't go to windward worth a damn unless you've got a good turn of speed and even then its not as good as a 16 or the 18 Prindle in my experience.
    But the front tramp plus the wings means that you can carry a lot of kids and friends. For a Hobie its even fairly dry.
    Now I life part of the year in Sandpoint Idaho, on the huge lake Pend O'reiile. I'm the only catamaran.
    So of course I go out as uninvited guest for the Wednesday evening and Saturday morning races with the J-24s and -29s and Santanas and the like .... and of course murder them all over the course. I'm kind of The Pirate of O'Relle.
    There are so many more options than there are now. If you looked up the Wikipedia segment on Beachcats, after the first paragraph, the one description of the history and all the models that came and went, that's me.
    You'll enjoy your Getaway. Maybe when you are in port you'll find some mooohull racers to shut down :)

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