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Foiling Cat for four crew that can be single handed?  Bottom

  • Hi folks,
    I am trying to do all things with one vessel. I would like a foiling cat my wife and I can do weekend trips out on. We are a bit adventurous so sleeping on the trampoline will be fine. I would like to be able to have a couple friends fit on the boat to cruise Biscayne bay with us occasionally,

    I have been looking at the 20' class and they seem to be okay, but still may not be large enough if we want to go out a mile or two with four of us on there.

    It would be incredible to do some competitions single handed with the boat as well, but the 20' class seems a bit limited in the US and catamarans seem even more rare here.

    What advice do you all have?

    Thank you in advance for your input,
  • Have you checked out this guy? He lives close to you.

  • Reposting logged in - looks like a bug that the forum is letting me post without logging in.

    Hi Sean! I'm in Miami. DM to connect if you want. Own a few foiling cats.

    In summary
    - foiling cats for 1 and only 1 - maybe a very skinny companion - a-cats
    - foiling cats for 1 that can take a +1 exist - iFly, StuntS9
    - foiling cats for 2 that can be solo'd exist – Whisper, Nacra 15
    - foiling cats for 2 that might take 3, even 4 exist, but you can't solo them

    I know a few boats that are on the market, and might fit your goals.

    Miami is a great spot for foiling. And we have some regattas that are a dream to do on a foiler – ie Miami Key Largo.

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  • Thank you Jack and Martin. PM sent.

    Also to clerify further, my wife and I combined are 420 lbs. Our weight is getting better, but we will never be under 360 lbs. How big of a deal is it if we are 40-50 lbs over the weight limit on some of these vessels?
  • I just spent 30 minutes on the phone with Ernst - Michael Miller, the Engineer at iFLY. What an incredible guy! I have a new found appreciation for the iFLY 15 and foil design in general.

    I believe that will be the next vessel for us. I am hoping someone will come up with a larger vessel, that can foil with four people and still have the ability to single hand with relative ease, in the near future.

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