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how do you stretch HM line?  Bottom

  • Looking for info, methods, etc on how to best "pre" strech dynema to reduce lifetime streching (not creep)

    I know Sam posted some data on it, but my searches have 't found it.

  • Like this of course icon_biggrin


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  • Thanks Pete:
    He looks like a real pro!

    I love this comment: "What I've learned watching your video's is that boating isn't for me. Thanks for saving me a fortune!"

    I probably wont be doing this method
  • After I splice the line, I use a hydraulic ram and a load cell to run it up to 50% of it's breaking strength and hold it there for 30 mins or so. That resets the fibers that are loosened up during the splicing process.

    The pre-stretched dyneema that I purchase has been run through a heat/steam die process to reduce the diameter and align the fibers. This is how all of the "pre-stretched" dyneema that I use is created.

  • Thanks Mike,
    can i borrow your ram?
  • You're going to need a big truck. It's attached to a 30' I-beam.

    If I can figure out how to edit a video clip, I'll post one of finding out what the breaking point is on a soft shackle

    it's more fun to break stuff than just stretching things.
  • I stretch it between my truck and wife's car tow points using my main sheet system. I'm figuring that I can put near 1k lbs into it. On smaller applications under 10 ft and under 1/8 line I stretch it on my bow string jig

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