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Hobie 17 dolphin striker spacer  Bottom

  • Guys, I need some help on the set up of a hobie 17 striker post spacer.
    I am updating a Dragoon's mast bast/step from the Hobie 14 style to the Wave mast base and 17 step. I need to know how the spacer for the 17 striker post sits in the front cross bar. Does it pass through the cross bar, or does it sit inside the bar?


  • tradisradDoes it pass through the cross bar, or does it sit inside the bar?

    Both. The hole in the top of the crossbar is larger than the hole in the bottom of the crossbar. The hole in the top of the crossbar matches the OD of the compression sleeve allowing the sleeve to drop into the crossbar. The hole in the bottom of the crossbar matches the ID of the compression sleeve, allowing the striker post to pass through the assembly and the compression sleeve to bear against the bottom of the crossbar.

    It’s actually not a great design because when the compression sleeve corrodes and seizes to the post, it makes it very difficult to adjust or remove the post (cutting is likely involved). If the holes were reversed so the larger hole was on the bottom, that problem would be virtually eliminated. If you are customizing your crossbar, that’s how I would setup the thru-holes. Regardless of what you do, be sure to apply a healthy coat of Tefgel to the sleeve to prevent corrosion and seizing.

  • thanks. I am customizing the crossbar. I did get in touch with Matt from Hobie. He said to have the larger hole on the bottom and combined with your advice that is what I will do.
    The only other concern that I have is the 17 post is slightly smaller diameter .56" than the dragoon post .58". I will have a little slop around the post at the top hole. Do you think this will be a problem? I'm thinking that it will be ok, but I could make a spacer to fill the small gap.
    I'll be taking the cross bar to my friends end-mill to drill the hole this weekend.
  • Maybe have your friend turn a shoulder on the sleeve so it fills the gap between crossbar and the post. Otherwise, the extra clearance is not ideal but also proabably not really that big of a deal once the nuts on the post are tightened down, I doubt you’ll see any significant movement.

  • That's good idea to turn a shoulder on the sleeve, if there is enough length we'll do that.
    The current post is corroded to the mast base and I've been soaking it with PB and heating it. Got a half turn this afternoon! More PB!
  • The post is in. Had to notch the spacer due to the cross beam shape, but it fits just right. Thanks for the help.


  • Looks good. Not really sure what’s being shown in the 2nd pic. Anyway, hope you slathered the whole thing in Tefgel. If not, the first drop of salt water to get in there will cause the sleeve to permenany seize to the post.

  • I slathered it with anti-seize as that is what I have on hand. Is the Tefgel better?

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