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Nacra 6.0 Wing Reinforcement  Bottom

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  • If you’re going to go this route, why not just run the cable down from the mast tang (i.e. attach a trap wire to the front of the wing). Doing so would provide reinforcement that is much better aligned with the applied load (gravity => down).

    Quote304 instead of 18-8 stainless so less apt to rust.

    Isn’t 304 and 18-8 basically 2 names for the same thing?

    That is my understanding as well, the two are more or less synonymous. If you want less rust, use 316.


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  • I had thought about that. It would certainly be stronger. I was worried about compensating for mast bend, tightening it enough that it would take weight, but not take weight off side shroud. They should be stronger than oem now and that's should do it.

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