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  • traphappyThrowing out an idea here. Just spoke by phone to the inventor of Tef-gel, the stuff that prevents corrosion between dissimilar metals. I asked him why sailboat riggers do not put this stuff into the rigging before making the swages. Short answer is that they like to sell replacement rigging... There's no concern that the gel will cause rigging to slip apart or anything like that. All it will do, apparently, is isolate the stainless (which does corrode if left untreated) for a decade or more. This would effectively eliminate the main reason for changing rigging at 3-year intervals, corrosion within the joints from slightly dissimilar metals.

    The thing to use is red Loctite. When I do Dyform type wire I use the Loctite and 70 to 140 grit diamond dust sprinkled on the end of the wire before swaging. The wire will almost always break at the end of the crimp whether it's a swage or a Nico regardless of the corrosion. Just the nature of the beast.

    Have Fun,
  • Just amazon ordered the 2oz tef-gel tub and 4 x 20ml syringes. $36 delivered.

    Thanks Beachcats.

    Prindle 18

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