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  • Just for fun: The "Cat2Fold". A 36’ x 24’ Biplane-rigged, folding, trailerable, liveaboard cruising catamaran.

    Found it "on sale" over at Sailing Anarchy.




    Cool Videos, w/ topless crew: icon_eek

    And equally cool Facebook propaganda: icon_cool

    Prindle 18
  • Very Cool!!!!!! icon_biggrin

    Mirage Tandem Island -sold
    Hobie Bravo -sold
    1979 Prindle 18 Sold
    2019 Hobie Getaway
    Polk City, Florida
  • i've never seen a spinnaker rigged upside down on purpose - that is for sure
    that looks crazy - you can only go dead down wind and if you get a shift you could get into trouble ....

    to each their own
  • Lazy Jack innovation...
  • Yeah, she really likes to go straight downwind. Wing on wing on wing. icon_lol

    The spin begins to make sense if you have two parallel poles and no sprit (the real crazy part). There are some Facebook shots of other spinnakers being tried. I should look at those more closely.

    What surprised me were the twin oversized windsurfing sails. Thought I was seeing a giant trifoiler for a minute. What do you do with those sails in a storm? Are those reefing points I see?

    She looks like a fun 24’ wide party platform - a great cruiser for someone who doesn’t like being told how to live, or how to sail.

    Prindle 18
  • QuoteShe looks like a fun 24’ wide party platform - a great cruiser for someone who doesn’t like being told how to live, or how to sail.


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  • OIC,.. Free standing (NO STAYS!) carbon fiber masts with luff traveler cars on a track, for easy up/down.

    Prindle 18
  • The Facebook page is interesting, the cabin space inside the hulls looks very useable and practical and not too Closter phobic. Also a little video of them assisting a stranded sailor who grounded what looks to be a Cape Dory. The stranded sailor had no communications or maps, the boat however looked undamaged, says something about the build quality
  • Maybe it was built to beat records? I mean, it's clearly not made for usual cruising, but if it's going down wind, then it must be able to reach some interesting speeds. Then, you're screwed when you want to turn back, but who cares once the record is beaten? icon_lol

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