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Hobie 18 and Mystere 20 Hulls Free  Bottom

  • Don't know if Damon will allow this, but I have a set of Mystere 6.0 XL hulls that only need the top lid fixed and a small hole fixed on bottom dime size.
    I also have a set of Hobie 18 Hulls one needs a minor fix on port and starboard I think is fine. Anyways They are FREE.
    And at the same time I have items from the boats that I would sell,
    I didn't put this on the forsale sit as the reason FREE HULLS THAT NEED MINIMUM WORK. Again have all extra parts for Mystere. Hopefully Damom Allows.
  • Sorry I'm in Northern Michigan
  • Well, Since No One wants free Hulls. I'm sorry All but today they will be cut in chunks and placed in the Dumpster. All they need is someone, espescially the Mystere minor minimal repair and have all would let it go for a $1.00. No lies Bring your trailer. If not bye bye.
  • If you were local ... we could find a use for them
    What about contacting your local sail clubs / youth clubs and see if they have any use?

    if not ... hulls make pretty neat mail box holders

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