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One-up sailing with spinnaker  Bottom

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  • QuoteA quick look around McMaster Carr found these
    One of those should do the trick.

    Yes they look about the same as the hobie clips
    funny - i have one of these on my garage wall - i think it was a fire extinguisher holder

    also great prices for quick release shackles on that page but they warn "not for lifting" - hmmmm
  • I sail my F18 single handed from time to time. It is certainly a bit of a scramble getting the spinnaker up and down (along with rotation and cunningham released, boards up, jib eased, etc.). Fortunately, in my case, my boat normally has slight weather helm. With the spinnaker up it has slight lee helm. This is super helpful.

    I try to let the sails help me around the course. I ease the main significantly as I come around the top mark so the boat will stay pointed relatively downwind - perhaps 45deg from DDW. Then when I pull the kite up, it tends to go even deeper until I grab the tiller and start to heat it up. I do firm up the main so the mast is properly supported.

    At the bottom of the course I ease the main and douse a bit early so I don't have a mess at the mark and then firm the main up as I round the bottom gate/mark.

    In bigger wind 12-15kts, I leave the spinnaker in the bag and go old-school and do the wild thing.

    15kts+ is too much for me single-handed. Time for a beer.

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    Jeff R
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  • Quote15kts+ is too much for me single-handed. Time for a beer.

    I used to single hand my 20’ Mystere, with a tramp launched kite.
    Talk about fools rushing in.

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