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Still looking for a Nacra 5.2 in the Seattle area  Bottom

  • Hello all,
    On the lookout for a Nacra 5.2 in the Seattle area +10 or so hrs driving time...they seem to be hard to find and am considering a longer drive as it may be necessary...if any of you know of one even remotely close to me for sale please respond...a 5.8 or a 5.7 are not out of the question either...don't need upgraded sails etc as close to stock is just fine...racing is not really in the plan but a solid boat with Dacron sails would do the job but will consider upgraded sails as well. Thx Russ 425-766-9406
  • https://sacramento.craigslist.org/boa/d/nacra-52-catamaran-1981/6696821456.html


    John Schwartz
    Ventura, CA

    Current - 1991 Prindle 18-2

    Former Boats:
    1981 Prindle 18 - Sybill
    2005 NACRA F-18 - Wingo Wango
    1999 NACRA Inter 20 - Junk Yard Heap
    1987 Prindle 18-2 - Dip Dung
    1990 NACRA 5.8 N/A - Smoke 6 Oh 6
    1990 Prindle 18-2 - Yea Boy
    1984 Prindle 18 - White Trash
    1986 Prindle 16 - Un-Employment Check
    1985 Prindle 18 - No Name
    1984 Prindle 18 - No Name
  • Thanks JohnES...Oh that Prindle 19...I have tried and tried to get a look at that boat as it would be my 1st choice close by...it looks to be a scam...called and setup a view to look it over...will only work on texts will not answer an actual phone call...must bring cash in your hand...finally after asking 6 times over 5 days finally gave me an address...which was on a dead end gravel road with many junk cars in yard but no boat...no one there...on and on and on over 2 weeks...finally gave up..they didn't know anything about the boat...looks great in picture and the price is great...perhaps too great...more red flags than I can count. Trying to look at or buy that boat had been a serious lesson in dealing with frustration.

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