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Pringles 19 boom  Bottom

  • I tip her over, yes collided with the boom. Looking for a boom for a Prindle 19. No injuries other than my pride. murphyemba@gmail.com
  • PM pbegle here and ask if he still has one. He used to stock and sell Prindle and NACRA parts.

    Sheet In!
    Prindle 18-2 #244 "Wakizashi"
    Prindle 16 #3690 "Pegasus" Sold (sigh)
    AZ Multihull Fleet 42 member
    (Way) Past Commodore of Prindle Fleet 14
    Arizona, USA
  • mmmmm pringles
  • Haha, the pizza flavored booms are my favorite!!!!

    1984 Hobie 16 Redline Yellow Nationals, "Yellow Fever"
    Opelika, Al / Lake Martin
  • Found a source for booms. Thanks for your reply.
  • Murph;
    Please share your source of supply for your boom because sooner or later I picture myself/crew doing a Wile E Coyote landing on the boom crunching the potato chips!

    Todd Stein

    2014-present: 1995 Prindle 19
    1987-2001: 1987 Hobie Magnum
    Williamsburg, VA
  • First I just noticed the heading on my original post, dang auto correct on this iPad. So it should be Prindle, but then again you guys knew that. I did not even connect to the post of Pringles, thanks guys, but I deserved that one.

    Source for all sorts of parts many for Prindle

    Tim can be found on Houston Craigslists. He is in Dickinson Tx. Tstein he has many booms, I probably should go get a spare. Let me know if you can't find him on Craigslist I'll message him to get permission to post his number really nice guy.

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