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Alpha Cat 18 How good of boat is it??  Bottom

  • Hello all,
    Trying to get some info on the Alpha Cat 18. Not new to cat sailing having had two Nacra 5.2's over the years but have been out for going on 10 years now. Started searching for a Nacra 5.2 up here in the Seattle area or perhaps a 5.8. Not much going on or available here at this time although I have found a Prindle 18-2 which I am have a tough time connecting with the owner for look over. I came across the Alpha Cat 18 that has been floating around this site and others for a while and John the owner has done a nice job of going thru it and bringing it back. I have not yet had a chance to look it over other than pictures and talking to him as the boat is in Boise at this moment. It looks to be rigged much like the Nacra 5.2 which I like but I can't find much else about them...so here I am looking to see if anyone knows how they sail. I prefer the Nacra style hull as you can bury the outside hull pretty deep without a pitchpole and the Alpha does not have that...I have not sailed a 10 ft beam cat before and it seems that you can power it pretty hard but when it is too much it may pitch pole easily but again I have no experience with that width boat. He is asking quite a bit for it, too much in comparison to the age of the boat but he has done a lot of work on it and the trailer plus he claims the sails are in great shape...would be unlikely but possible...any help would be great,
  • Very wet boat. I gave up on it in the '70's. Fat bows create shower to the skipper. Find a Tornado, much better 10' wide boat. Pete
  • Thanks Pete that is the kind of stuff I am looking for ...that Prindle 18-2 is looking better or if I could find a 5.2.
  • The P-18-2 by far the better boat. Pete
  • Hi Russ, and welcome back to cat sailing...

    Have you checked out Sailing Sand Point? I was up there this time last year and seem to remember a few boat being for sale...


    Also, if you're up for a road trip, head up to the Jericho Sailing Center in Vancouver B.C...


    I highly recommend the 18-2 or even a classic Prindle 18.... both boats are easy managed single handed, offer some great performance, and can also be used as a great "family" boat... I am in the process of rebuilding an 18-2 right now..

    Good luck in your search...


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    John Schwartz
    Ventura, CA
  • Thanks John & Pete for the info...still having a hard time getting access to the Prindle...owner canceled on a look over today but maybe tomorrow...starting to look like they don't really want to sell it..

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