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Purchased New Hobie 16 - need lessons and/or general advice in Northern Michigan  Bottom

  • I just purchased a new Hobie Cat 16 and I am looking for either lessons or some general advice since I am a beginner in Northern Michigan. I rented a Hobie Cat Wave this past Spring and found it to be rather simple to use but now that I have purchased a Hobie Cat 16 I found there are more things to understand as to how to use it than a Wave.

    1.) What are the best settings for the side stay adjuster holes? Currently I have them at the 5th holes from the top of the stay adjusters.

    2.) What is the best setting for the front Forestay Bridle Adjuster hole? Currently I have it at the 4th hole from the top of the adjuster.

    3.) Currently my mast seems to be raked back quite far in looking at it.

    4.) Is the Jib sail always required to be used? I have seen some Hobie's that don't have a Jib sail.

    5.) Any advice as to how to attach and raise both sails would be great.

    6.) I don't have the trapeze wires currently installed on the Hobie since I don't plan on using them at this point. Which out these I found it difficult to pull the side cables down into the side stay adjuster holes. Any suggestions on how to do this without the trapeze wires would be great.

    7.) Suggestions on how to make sure that my block set has the ropes run through it correctly would be great.

    I appreciate any advice that someone is willing to provide. Thank You!
  • Where at in Michigan?

    Nacra Inter 20
    Okemos Michigan
  • Baldwin, MI Big Star Lake
  • Show up in Muskegon Michigan this coming weekend. CRAM is holding a regatta there. Plenty of Hobie 16 sailors to help you out.
  • Hello, you should check out Matt Miller's instructional video for setting up the Hobie 16. It can be found on You Tube. It's an older video but has a wealth of information that still applies today in rigging the boat. Sorry, I don't know how to post a link.

    1984 Hobie 16 Redline Yellow Nationals, "Yellow Fever"
    Opelika, Al / Lake Martin
  • Hey nmitch16, June 1st weekend this year CRAM and I will be at Higgins lake having a great. Hopefully that weekend will work for you being one of the close regattas for you and perfect because it is our first event! If you can make it to that event we would love to share a drink, rigging knowledge and possible a fun Friday sail since we only have the course set up on Saturday and Sundays.

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