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Gel Coat  Bottom

  • Hello I'm new here I've searched didn't find any answers to my questions
    I have old Hobie 14 I've done some repair on ready to gel coat it
    I see a wide range of pricing on gel coat from 50-130$ gal are you buying a brand name or is one that much better ? is all gel marine grade ? what am I missing ?
    definitely don't want to skimp on quality but don't want to spend extra for the same thing

  • I use FGCI gelcoat (fiberglass coating inc)
    they make lots of versions, interior, exterior, brushable
    the cost is around $30 quart (depending on what kind)

    you can get with or without wax additive (used for final coats so it cures to a finish that doesn't clog up your sandpaper)

    I can't speak for other brands but i would go with a name brand or one you know is good

    How big is your repair? a gal is a LOT of product
  • I'm going to re-gel the whole boat, so many spots patching isn't and option IMO.
    I don't know brands what is good what to avoid, it's my first gel coat job.
    I've done fiberglass repair and topped it with Imron .
    Just don't want to paint Hobie that may get beached or sit in the water .
    was looking at fiberglass supply depot their prices are less than the others ?
    Is the quality of product less ?

    This is the first boat I sailed 35+years ago.
    Otherwise I wouldn't have put the time and money in it so far.

  • adventurous!

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