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Does anyone know of a catamaran that can drop and raise the mast while in the water?  Bottom

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  • QuoteMight be easier to change boats.

    I agree - there is little chance (imho) of you using a tornado in this 4 mile trek (even with a motor, what will you do with 31 of mast. i

    QuoteThere is something on U tube that starts with "Can your Trimaran do this?" and that is about what I need for my creek to lake excursions, but I can't figure out how to get in touch with the guy that posted the video!

    The Everglades challenge has dozens of unique boats like the one in the video
    they used to require the ability to drop a mast to go under low bridges on the course

    I posted many pics here and on catsailor.com but seems many are gone

    You may try to find members or pics/vids for inspiration

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