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  • I wonder who do you call to get a quote on a brand new nacra. I tried my local dealer but seems he or she does not answer phone call or email.

    Is Nacra in North America dead?

    Sorry if the question looks stupid, but every other dealers in my area already responded to my inquiries, only the nacra one did not.

  • http://www.cathouse1.com/...probably depends where you are located.

    Should be same guys as:


    Send this guy an email...know he reps Nacra. Todd Riccardi todd@nacrasailing.com. Bought some new sales from him couple of years ago.

    Good luck. Keep us posted with what you end up with!

    Nacra Inter 20
    Okemos Michigan
  • Check these guys out:

    Nacra Inter 20
    Okemos Michigan
  • Try Rick Bliss. Have had good experiences dealing with him.


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    Pete Knapp
    Sailcraft Tornado,Nacra 6.0,P18, P16,H16,,Reg White Tornado(project),
  • Thanks for the feedback,

    I will let you know how it end up
  • Hello, it may be little deceiving as Nacra-NA.com is a dealer of ours and our North American warehouse but do not handle the distribution or manage the brand, as Jeff said, I do that.
    I'm very sorry to hear about your frustration. Since you didn't list your name I'm not really sure who you've contacted, but either way it's not acceptable. If you drop me an email I'll be sure to take care of you. Todd@nacrasailing.com
    That being said, the new small boat and especially catamaran market is not what it used to be, and many of our dealer network (including myself) have to do other work to keep ourselves afloat.
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