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Identifying a HOBIE 17 18 20 Wave New Style Upper Rudder Casting w/ H18 Tiller Arm  Bottom

  • I have a pair of rudder castings which I thought were the 17 18 20 Wave New Style castings, each one clearly stamped on the inside with an L or an R. However, the angle of the tiller arm seems to be the opposite of what it should be: the "R" rudder casting's arm veers to the right (outward) instead of the left (inward), and vice versa. Any thoughts on what's wrong?
  • Can you post a pic? The tiller arms on the Hobie rudder system should definitely point inward. That said, I don't recall any R/L markings on any of the 17/18/20 rudder assemblies I've ever owned. So maybe you don't actually have the Hobie system. Also, the handing on the H17/18/etc. system only applies to the upper castings. The lower castings are not handed and the same lower casting is used on both sides.

  • There are no marks on my '98 h17 castings. They do point inward. Looks like they would fit on either side otherwise.

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