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Foiling Week Miami February 15th to 18th ...and FOiling Week Sydney videos!  Bottom

  • Foiling Week Miami will be at Shake-a-Leg from Februry 15th to 18th

    Racing program for Moths, Waszp , Ufos, S9, FLying Phantoms ,Aclass, Cclass , CRX kite, Rsone windfoil and any prototype / one-off , new and old, bring it on!

    Trials of multiple boats available . Free of charge just need to register link will be available soon

    Forum on foiling hot topics / innovations / projects on 15th to 17th 09.30 to 12 Free of charge just need to register link will be available soon

    It's a foiling festival for everyone intersted, from weekend warriors to AC champs. Public welcome.

  • Some boats are here early. Among them, a blue Whisper cat... https://youtu.be/qASVeqx7MhI

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  • Martin,

    Nice looking boat and the smiles are priceless.

    Have you considered going to center sheeting on the tramp rather than off the boom? I think you might find it to be a more rigid attachment point and thus a bit easier to stay attached to the boat in wavy conditions or puffy conditions where the boom is moving a lot.
  • It would be great to get an update from someone who went and did sailing on the trail boats.

    Prindle 18 w/ wings, Prindle 16, Prindle 15, current
    Hobie 16 in rebuild
    2 Hobie 18 past
    NACRA 5.2 past

    Saint Cloud, Florida
    member Lake Eustis Sail Club
  • Some notes at http://forums.sailinganar…comments#comment-6111478

    Sailing videos I took at http://forums.sailinganar…comments#comment-6106798

    Foiling Week's FB page has lots of videos and pics. https://www.facebook.com/foilingweek/.

    My son trialled the UFO, and had a good time, but he was a bit overpowered (he's only 55 pounds, 8yo), apparently there is a new "slimmer" sail in the works for light sailors. Still he had a blast. I borrowed a Wazsp but could only capsize it back and forth about 20 times.
  • Thanks Martin!

    Crazy about the boat that was hit - glad he is ok

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