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  • Looking to purchase rigging tape (the type that you can cut off 2 inches and it will stretch to about 12) It was about $17 per roll.
    It has no backing tape to remove. I have not been able to locate any in quite sometime. I used to be able to purchase it in West Marine and online. It was by far the best, it lasted a long tine and truly would adhere to itself. I've tried some other types and they do not hold as well.
    Some rigging shops are selling electrical tape for rigging tape, it does not hold. I don't care what color you make electrical tape, it is still just electrical tape.
    Thanks in advance for any help
  • there you go
    F4 Tape - Self-Fusing Silicone Tape MIL-SPEC 1" X 36' (Red Oxide)


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  • Home Depot - 3M Rubber tape (look for it in the same display as the electrical tape). Stretch it when wrapping and it glues to itself. Does not leave black residue when removed.
  • + 1 on the home depot rubberized electric tape. The only downside is that it only comes in black. The self fusing silicone tape has a few color options, including clear.

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  • I use silicone tape on the Arriba hiking stick and shroud adjusters with great results, but for smaller applications white rigging tape has been the gold standard for long term (2 seasons) securing. For adventure sailing I tape every clevis and ring-ding on the boat.


  • Amazon has it and you can probably get it the next day.

    West Marine sells Ancor (so does Walmart): https://www.westmarine.co…3642&product_id=17093642
    'Rescue Tape' also seems to be a common brand. That said, I bought some off-brand last season and it is holding together well.

    ... I think any self-fusing, self-amalgamating, self-bonding, self-vulcanizing tape will work. The key seems to be that the tape has no adhesive (it ain't sticky until you stretch it). Perhaps the better ones have more anti-UV additives or more stretch, but for beachcat use, the cheap stuff has been fine.


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