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Nacra 5.0 VS Astus 16.5 Sport Trimaran  Bottom

  • All I hear about is the "new" technology and how it's "fast." Can't prove it by me...


    Hobie 16 (3 formerly)
    MacGregor 25 (formerly)
    Chrysler Dagger 14 (formerly)
    NACRA 5.0 (currently)
    High Point, NC
  • Tri's in that range are great for zipping by mono's but not so great when getting passed by an equal size or larger cat. Now if it were a Foiling Tri, with appropriate conditions watch out. Had a Tri and quickly returned to a beach cat. Also true with that big head sail a lot of them fly. Alas, the problem is, they're all fun.

    Nacra 5.8 NA &
    Hobie Wave.
    '05 Getaway,
    Hunter 216,
    Windrider 17,
    Hobie 18 M,
    Hobie 18, and
    RS Vision all sold
    "life's too short for slow boats"

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