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Anyone have a race report of videos of the Hangover Regatta ?  Bottom

  • Was pretty low tide and sporty wind ... curious how it went
  • Not too technical of a race. Was basically a close reach/beam reach down and back. Mike a Rey just pulled away from me for most of the first leg. A reach is hard to power up on for me without a jib. The puffs were huge and I had to come in from the trap because it was just getting too scary and I kept imagining hitting some shallows with the boards and catapulting me off. If I held the boat down I'd make up some ground but I had cleat height problems so it was hard to keep working the sails enough to keep it in the groove.

    They got to the island at pretty much the same time. I was a minute behind or so. We left at the same time with me in the lead then Rey and Mike. Wind had shifted to closer upwind so I blasted away for a bit. My traveler blew out of the cleat like 3 times and messed me up and once we went back to a close reach/beam reach I got driven over by both boats. Mike drove by both of us near the end on that big 20.

    The boat could have done a lot better without all my sheet mistakes but I don't think it would have changed the outcome. I put a few clips of the puffs together so you can see what I was dealing with and how close the bow rides


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  • Thanks Matt
    It was a great start from the beach - you all were neck and neck (and the chili was pretty good)

    I drove down the bay to see if I could catch you all - but didn't see you.

    It was interesting how close your sail matched Mike's tornado sail

    Thanks for the video

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  • Quotehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRXJ8MkOy4s

    I think you need to move forward

    lets put both your gopros
    and mine onboard and test this out ... in high wind

    will make for fun video

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