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  • Can you let me know how to add pictures?

    I have some pictures in an album:

    however, they do not show up - just show a broken pic icon. I click on them and just get the same broken picture icon.

    The pictures imported just fine, but upside down. I used the edit pic feature on the forum to rotate 180 degrees. They then showed up as broken pic icons. For some reason, all my pics import upside down, though correct on my computer.


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  • Here:
    Search for FAQ for help with the site.

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  • It looks like the pics were restored to original.
    they are again upside down.
    but not on my computer.


    Hobie 16
    South Carolina Lake sailing
  • In restored a few of the pics.

    How were the original pictures take ?

    Phone cameras tend to do odd things to the orientation and some computer software corrects or figures out the desired direction which is why a photo can look correct on your phone, tablet, or computer but the true orientation is what you see when uploaded.

    The problem with your broken images comes because something is wrong with the edit rotation feature in the photo albums.

    That software is really old now, so not sure if the problem is unique to your images or if it doesn't work at all.

    I'll check into it.

    If you can open your images in a photo editing program on a PC and resize to a maximum of 1920 pixels and verify to orientation and resave they will probably upload correctly.

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  • pics taken with my galaxy s5 are upside down.. or sideways & break when rotating.
    whats weird is it is not consistent. Some are ok icon_rolleyes

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  • On so to add to this. My latest post, I listed photos on the site here into my post, but I cant see the pictures....a body got any ideas?

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