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  • I've been getting pretty consistent errors while posting messages - basically, Ajax connection timeout to server.

    The message still successfully posts, although initially it seems not to - when I check in a new tab, the message I wrote is present and properly listed as new.

    I'm using Firefox on Windows 10, all current, NoScript in place but all script sources for the site are allowed.

    EDIT - oddly enough, when I posted this message the error did not occur. Curiouser and curiouser...

    Edited by onemorecat on May 28, 2020 - 04:29 PM.

    Tony H
    Hobie 18
    Sailing Mission Bay and nearby CA
  • Unfortunately the site and forum software is very old and doesn't work all that well.

    When you submit a post, it does get saved immediately but often takes a long time to refresh the browser to show the result.

    Damon Linkous
    1992 Hobie 18
    Memphis, TN

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  • Quote old and doesn't work all that well.

    much like many of the sailors here. :)
  • Damon, I appreciate that donations are always appreciated, but would a fundraising campaign to update the site make sense?

    Dana, Holly, Emma & Hannah

    LJ/Stu's Dart 18

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