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  • Hi,
    My name is David and I was given a 1985 AMF trac 16 for free so this begins a new journey for me, living in Minnesota we have tons of great sailing lakes. My only experience is wind surfing so we will see how next season goes. For now I had to replace the bridles, the side stays, and locate a Jib other wise she is ready to go. Looking forward to digging thru the site here and learning more about cat sailing.
  • Welcome to the site!

    I like the looks of your boat. Some folks have expressed concern about the potential availability of parts. But, as the song says, "love the one you're with..." !

    Here's the owner's manual, if you don't have one...


    One man's opinion, from a search for "AMF Trac 16"...

    "They are very hard to pearl dive and fast for a recreational model.
    the AMF company was sold and divided up just after the boat came out or the trac 16 would have been much more popular." ....

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    '84 Prindle 16
  • Hey thanks for the link,
    As for parts I was able to locate the bridle and the shrouds from Salty dog Marine, and I came across a Bower M16 jib locally for 35 bucks so we are set to go sailing. I have always admired the Catamarans out of the water so this will be extremely fun to jump into.
  • The shrouds and bridles showed up today from Salty Dog marine and they are spot on and much nicer than what the cat came with.

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