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Hobie 14/16 main sheet triple blocks  Bottom

  • Upgrading to 6:1 on my 14.

    1. Any feedback on the Nautos triple blocks?

    2. Are most using a 57mm on the lower and 40mm for the upper?

    3. Is 8mm/ 5/16 the preferred dia for the main sheet?

    4. Is Salsa still in favor or has something better come along.

    5. Has anyone tried the 8mm FSE Robline Racing Sheet?
  • 6:1 is too much purchase for H-14. 5:1 preferred. You'll end up with too much line on deck. Pete
  • Do you know that from experience? Noticed the setup on several 14's at local races. Tramp area on the 14 is about the same as the 16 and there is only 1 person vice 2.

    Noticed the Getaway uses a triple on the bottom with a double on the top or 5:1
  • Tramp area doesn't count. H-16 sail area is 218 vs 113 for H-14. This pressure is what counts. Hobie & Prindle 16 traditionally came with 5:1. Upgrade to 6:1 was adequate & desired. H-14 comes with 4:1 & 5:1 is adequate. Sailed H-14's in 3-25 mph (since 1970). Too much line on tramp is receipt for entanglement. Pete
  • I don't agree with Pbegle at all. Look at the most resent H14 NACs most everyone is running a 6:1 or at least the triple blocks configured as a 4:1. Its easy enough to re reeve the blocks to achieve a lower purchase when that would be desired. On both my H14s I'm running Harken H194 lowers with the matching 2.25" upper. I've seen others use the combination you mentioned; I believe it would be adequete. The extra line on the tramp is nothing to worry about, remember the 14 does not have a jib or spin sheet to contend with.
  • Looked at a 16 today and it had the 57mm/2:25" Harken Carbo on the lower and a 29MM triple on the top. Running 5/16 Salsa. The upper block looks tiny but it is rated for 5/16" and the owner loves it. Running it 6:1

    He said it was over 2 pounds lighter then the previous setup with the 5/16 Salsa.

    Looked at a Getaway and it is running a 5:1. Triple on the bottom and a Double the top with a becket.

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