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Nacra 5.8 jib fit a Prindle 18-2?  Bottom

  • Hi guys, purchased a Prindle 18-2 last year and ended up rebuilding the thing.
    Looks good, but never had a Jib on it, so looking for one.
    Came on one from a Nacra 5.8 and he gave me all the lengths on it, but can't find any references to the Prindle 18-2 to compare them to.
    I know the mast on the 18-2 is the same as the Prindle 18, so do they also share the same Jib as well?

    Thanks for any help!
  • It's 10% larger on the 18-2. Can't comment on the cut, but you can look that up at the sailmakers.

    Not that big a difference, right? I sail both boats and I greatly prefer the 18-2 jib.


    Prindle 18
  • Thanks! lot's of good information in that link.
    So, a Prindle 18-2 is a different size jib than a Prindle 18, got it!

    Now, is there any sail makers sites that I could look up the actual sizes of different sails for a particular cat?
    Like which other cat's jib could be effectively used on the 18-2 if I can't locate a used one?

    I've asked for quotes for one, but haven't received them yet.
  • Side note....on the chart the square footage for the 18 main looked odd. Didn't seem to follow the trend in converting from sq-m. It should be about 170.

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  • That's close.

    So- side note: can I run the 18-2 square-top up my 18's mast? Implications? Anyone done it?

    Prindle 18
  • The nacra 5.8 is a 19 foot boat, the mast is taller the jib will not work on a 18/2 if the nacra 5,8 is a NA 5.8 the jib is huge. Neither will work on an 18/2
  • Thanks Hullflyer!
  • nohuhuThat's close.

    So- side note: can I run the 18-2 square-top up my 18's mast? Implications? Anyone done it?

    Anyone want to talk me out of it before Sunday? icon_lol

    Prindle 18
  • Both the 18 and 18/2 came with pin head sails. I see no reason you can not use the square top as both 18 amd 18/2 use the same mast
  • Here's a quick look:

    There is lots of data in this album about the 18-2.


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  • You shoulda talked me out of it... Wasn't that great.

    The first tack felt good in moderate 12-15mph but it felt sluggish after that. On the 18-2 it is anything but.

    The square top was slightly shorter and about a foot and a half wider so I had to use the longer boom from the 18.2. It went up smoothly, but was harder to hook in with all that material at the top.


    With the boom extending farther aft of the tiller, the net effect was more trouble sheeting hard with the traveler centered. When you traveled out, things lined up better and there seemed like the sail generated more power and you could pull the tack lower. It worked well with the smaller P18 jib. The boat seemed to point higher, but was not faster on a reach, as I expected.


    Downwind, the square top was a much nicer profile and the battens performed better.


    All, in all, it was very stable with the extra top area, on all tacks and wind speeds. Flying the hull was not any trickier but getting her up there was harder. Fun - but not the kick in the pants I had hoped for. icon_cool

    Prindle 18
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