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How do you host a picture in here in the event calendar???  Bottom

  • From what source does the image have to be hosted from. I am having a lot of trouble getting my image to post in the events page.

    I used a flickr set to public and it didn't seem to work. thanks for the help
  • Charlie,

    The image just has to be publicly available by an actual image url. I'm not sure that's possible with Flicr because they want you to share the whole page url and not directly to the image. (image leaching)

    Is this for Muddy Waters? I saw your entry with the broken images, it looked like those were for images of the flyer and registration form. I fixed up the event with download links to the PDF's from the CSA website and added the Muddy Waters logo.


    Thanks for adding the event.

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  • wow man, thank you very much. I set images to public but one way of the other is wasn't working. I think what you have will do and I really appreciate the extra effort you did.


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