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  • Any recommendations on who offers Catamaran Insurance??

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  • I use Geico for my cats.

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  • when i purchased my first mystere I got insurance from Allstate
    I told the guy i paid 3200, and wanted that as replacement cost
    i paid about $1 day
    after 4 or 5 years without a claim i decided it was crazy to keep paying

    came to find out i overpaid for years, no matter what i paid for, they were gonna give me "blue book" value'
    blue book value on 20 year old boats is pretty low

    I am a non racer, and even if i did race, they don't ever check or really require it here to race at my beach - no one has it...

    But if your a racer, or just a smart person, having liability insurance is a smart to have and required by most organized races

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  • I've had Boat US for years on my F16 and A cats. Rates have been reasonable, $250ish/year on the F16 and $300ish/yr on the A Cats. I just bought a new A and was given a quote of $857/year. They said the triple priced coverage is from the fact that they had a new carrier. I think they were bought out by Gieco. She also told me my F16 rate would go up as well when it renews. She said they have more claims on catamarans so charge more for them. I've had one claim in 5 years on like 5 boats I've had coverage on.

    I checked online with progresssive and got a price of $400-500 depending on how much coverage I want. I have friends that say good things about State Farm. My local people said they didn't cover them and I didn't push it since I was happy with Boat US aback then.

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  • QuoteAny recommendations on who offers Catamaran Insurance??

    here's a previous discussion on the topic of insurance.

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  • saltlife77Any recommendations on who offers Catamaran Insurance??

    I have the boat combined with my house and car insurance.
    It's under $100 per year.

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  • klozhald
    saltlife77Any recommendations on who offers Catamaran Insurance??

    I have the boat combined with my house and car insurance.
    It's under $100 per year.

    Does the policy include regattas and racing?

  • USAA. Liability covered through homeowners, boat insured for $1500 (which is really not enough)
    And it it covered during racing

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  • I use Geico for my 2000 Inter 20, it's about $160/year in Hawaii.

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  • How much coverage is that?

    I needs to know, in case I runs into you out there,.. icon_lol

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