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H18 Stow-away Propeller System  Bottom

  • If you ever needed/wanted a stow-away propeller system, I have something that may solve your problem.
    This system is driven by a cordless drill, which I stow in one of my hatches, in a fat sack. When I need to propel, I get my drill out and deploy the stowed propeller. It takes both hands to maneuver, one on the drill and one on the tiller.
    The stowed propeller consists of a "shaft" which is simply aluminum tube with stainless all-thread passing through the center of the tube. The propeller fits on one end of the "shaft", passing over the all-thread and against the aluminum tube. The other end of the "shaft" has 1" of the all-thread sticking out of the aluminum tube where a nylon lock nut is screwed onto the all-thread. So, the aluminum tube is sandwiched between the propeller and a nylon lock nut.

    The "shaft" passes through a "bearing". I made the bearing from a length of solid nylon and bored a hole through the center to allow the propeller "shaft" to pass through. The "bearing" needed to rotate to allow for the propeller to be in the stowed and deployed positions.
    The bearing is supported with a hanger that is riveted to the bottom of the rear crossbar, the only holes needed to attach this system to the boat.

    When deployed, the "drill" end of the shaft passed up through the tramp lacing so the drill/socket can be placed over the nut. This angles the shaft downward and places the propeller into the water. When stowed, the shaft passes just under the tramp and I rest it on a carabiner dangling below the tramp. The propeller is now out of the water and pulled up tight against the "bearing", held by a bungee ball.

    This system moves the boat along very nicely.






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    Tim Young
    Hobie 18' + other stuff that floats and goes.
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    Bryan in Poplar Grove, IL
    Supercat 17, unknown year. Future project
    Hobie 16, 1977 - died a spectacular death https://youtu.be/Y7O22bp2MVA
    Hobie 16, 1978 - current boat
  • INGENIOUS!! Sure beats paddling!

    Tim Gibson
    1982 Hobie 16 Carumba Sails
    1980 Hobie 14 Cat Fever Sails (SOLD)
    Memphis, TN

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