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Mast rotators on tramps  Bottom

  • I see modern boats like a Nacra 17 with a rotator control relative to a fixed point rather than the boom. Why is this so? Something to do with raked spreader v. my N5.2 diamonds?

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  • If it is run through a grommet in the tramp, then the control line can be lead out to cleats on each hull, so rotation can be controlled from the side of the boat/trapeze. If the control is made at the boom, then the crew must come inboard to make adjustments.
    Both setups have their pros and cons.

  • Both systems are used for mast rotation on the Tornado.
    I installed bast base such a system on a Sailcraft platform that (upgraded with a Marstrom alum mast and carbon rotator arm) as that was the way the mast was setup for the Athens 2004 games.
    Duel controls under the tramp to the outside of each hull for the crew.

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  • I have found the tramp mounted works best for drivers that hike instead of trapeze; as in the Tornado. I have mine on the tramp and the idea of for the driver to adjust the mast rotation as conditions change. The idea is for the crew to play the main and the driver to adjust the mast and the downhaul. I reverse this. I play the main and I have the crew adjust the downhaul. I typically singlehand, but even with a crew, it allows me to feel the boat better and easier for me to make main adjustments. But, for the rotation on the mast or tramp, it is personal preference. On my modified 18-2, the rotation is on the boom.


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