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Looking for opinions on purchase of used cat, partnership and storage in South OC So Cal  Bottom

  • I am looking into the possibility of purchasing a used cat here in so cal (south Orange county) and keeping boat in Dana Point Harbor. I previously sailed a Hobie 14 and 16 (25 years ago) and would like to go bigger (18' ?) . Does anyone have a opinion on a good year and brand boat ? I am located in San Clemente and would need to keep boat local and would possibly consider a partnership.i would like something that performs well, could cruise with four people but possible to solo. I don't want a cat that is to wide as I will be keeping it in storage mast up in Dana Point Harbor.

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  • F18's are growing quickly in that part of the country at the moment. Would be a great boat if looking for some high speed thrills. Hard to beat a Hobie 16 for a simple beach boat, hobie 14's have pretty well died out, some are making an appearance here and there.
  • Thanks !
  • Hmmm, Dana Point, then it's got to be a Hobie!!!

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  • martyrHmmm, Dana Point, then it's got to be a Hobie!!!

    I do like Hobie but a local sail center and Cat racing family recommend the Prindle 18 because it has no Dagger boards. I would consider either boat but think all find more Hobies then Prindles in my area. I drove five hours yesterday to find a boat with a hole in the hull where it rested on the trailer.
  • expoguy,
    send a private message to pbegel here at thebeachcats. He is near Big Bear Lake, has a bunch of beachcats (Prindle, Hobie, Nacra and Tornado) and is looking to sell them all.

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  • 2 cents. Go with the Hobie 18!!!
    Its the best for many reasons. First there are a bunch in your area and parts are readily available compared to the other brands. F18's are great but they require babying on the beach and are intended for a 2 person team. Solo they are busy and 4 people would be crowded. Hobie 21 great for all your family and friend but a bitch to get up the beach alone! Hobie 20 once again a high performance two person boat that needs to be babying on the beach!

    In my personal fleet I have H16, 84 H18 redline, 91 H18SX, 94 H20, and a 04 Tiger (F18), The H18SX is for sale on Nor Cal craigs list (tiger sail and orange jib not included as show in my avitar). It's listed with both the SX and standard mast and rigging plus the SX wings (long wings) which are great if you are going to take out 4 plus with either rig. The wings fold in for storage or trailering and they can be easily removed if you want a 2 man racer or wave jumper. Plus the sheets are rigged simple enough to sail solo up to the high teens depending on your experience and or ball size.

    My recommendation would be to contact the So Cal Hobie or other fleets and ask for a ride on each boat you are considering plus watch how they are handled (babied) hauled onto the beach. I think you will find a Hobie 18 is more similar in durability to your past experience with the H14 & H16.

    What ever you buy look at hull condition first, soft spots are bad! search the forums for other problems by make or model before purchasing.

    Hope to see you on the water with a sound boat that meets you needs.

    My 2 cents.

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