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RYA Portsmouth numbers for nacra 5.2  Bottom

  • Anyone have the numbers for the nacra 5.2 boats. I have a hard time figuring out where I am. I know the 5.2 is below a Hobie 18, but a number would be nice for my club.

    I have seen variances
    PY look alike? 760
    SCHRS 1.121


    1988 Nacra 5.2
    YouTube link to see boat in action:
  • 72.1 is the US Portsmouth DNP Number

    Here's a link to the RYA site. I didn't find a RYA number for the 5.2.
    You may have better luck.

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  • Have a look at the Australian Sailing Yardstick and compare it, https://cdn.revolutionise.com.au/site/qlomhcjrpdm6wxo5.pdf Nacra 5.2 - 77.5

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  • RYA uses SCHRS ratings with the look-alike conversion for cats without PY numbers. As such, the SCHRS rating should be all that you need.
  • Here is the SCHRS website: https://schrs.com/ratings.html

    With your modified sails, you will need to use the calculator (https://schrs.com/downloads.html) to adjust the rating based off your mods. If you have questions, contact wlrottge or myself, I have worked a lot with the calculator and Will is our US SCHRS rep.


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