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The longest running Beachcat Regatta ever  Bottom

  • https://www.rpmr.org/

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  • How does one get this "clickable" and on the calendar?
  • Do you even internet Bro? icon_wink


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  • It sure would be nice and helpful if the op would add some info like - what state this event is in?
    i didn't see it on here, nor the homepage of his link, i am not interested in clicking another time to find this out
  • Roton point Multihull Regatta is in Rowayton Conneticut near Norwalk on the Long Island sound. Amazing venue for a regatta. Not always windy but a beautiful site and the folks there are very accommodating and really love to host this event. Goslings rum sponsored the event last year and the rum seemed to be endless. This one will
    be high on my list every year.


    Pete Knapp
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  • Last year Pete grabbed the very last Dark & Stormy on the way out the door. Not that it is an indication of what a great regatta this is, just wanted to through it in.

    As good as the venue, race management, food, etc, etc, etc, is ... the best part of this regatta is their determination to bring new racers and even new cat sailors to the event. They do a good job of getting all levels on the course and sparking a level of enthusiasm that hasn't been seen lately.


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  • Could one of you (dssaak or Pete) please add the Roton Point regatta to the calendar with complete information?

    It's been submitted several times with absolutely no information other than the non-clickable link like the first post in this topic.

    I even sent the OP the instructions below to follow: Anyone can submit the even, just need a volunteer if you want it in the calendar.

    Instructions for properly adding an event to the calendar:

    Login and add the event to the calendar by using the "Add New Event" link under the Calendar tab in the main menu.

    direct link https://www.thebeachcats.…vent&type=event&func=new

    Look at some of the other calendar entries for examples on what information to include. For instance. https://www.thebeachcats.…viewtype/details/eid/848


    Title: For the title state the name of the event, city, and state. (no date or description)

    Start Date: Important! select from the calendar pop-up.

    Description: Give a general description and sales pitch for the event in the body, you can use links to other sites or downloads but also include the description text so people don't have to go searching for information. This is the place to sell your event.

    Repetition Settings: Set to "one time event" even if the even lasts more than one day. Enter the End Date.

    Fill out as much of the location and contact and information as possible.

    You can preview until you have it correct, then click on Save and Add, which will submit the event for review.

    I will review the event and add it to the calendar if the entries are reasonably complete. I won't add an event to the calendar with no information.

    If anyone has suggestions for improving these instructions let me know and I'll update and add this all to the FAQ.

    Damon Linkous
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    Memphis, TN

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