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New Way to Right a Catamaran (video)  Bottom

  • http://digg.com/2017/jetboarder-saves-catamaran

    OK, I'm sure this is completely staged for viral marketing, but still cool.

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  • I need one of those in my cat box!

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  • That guy was pretty experienced, not many people can do a flip, & land it, from jetboard. What could possibly go wrong with an amateur attempting to right a Cat icon_eek
    In the background is a pretty impressive lineup of Hobies on that beach.

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  • QuoteOK, I'm sure this is completely staged for viral marketing, but still cool.

    i agree.....just watch the cat sailor pull the cat over using the leeward shroud. still fun to watch!

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  • Looks like mission bay sandiego.
    And that looks like one of there getaway rentals with the big M B S C on the main.
    They also rent out that jet ski flying thing so i would say the were just goofing around.
  • They might just be staff - warming up for rental season - (lots of renters push these things to the limit)

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