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  • Lets get the sails up the sticks and sound off here in this post ... who is in !

    RnBCYC present !!!
  • I'm a new beach cat sailor searching for launch sites in the area. I live inWilliamsburg and sites seem few and far between.


  • Todd, there is an active fleet in Virginia Beach (Hobie Fleet 32). A bit of a haul from Williamsburg, but if interested PM me. Most of the fleet keeps their boats at Chesapaeake Beach, Virginia Beach. I split time between there and East Beach in Norfolk.

    NACRA 5.8na
    Chesapeake, VA
  • I'm glad to hear there is an active Hobie fleet in Va Beach! Makes me excited about getting home from overseas and buying my first H16. Just hope I can find one decent priced so I can hit the water again. I've never owned one before but have rented many times and I'm hooked.
  • Hi! Is anyone still active on this forum in the Chesapeake Bay?
  • Yes, we have an active fleet of F16's/18's and Inter-20's plus a ton of A-Cats now at West River Sailing Club in Galesville, MD.

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