Lets get the sails up the sticks and sound off here in this post ... who is in !

RnBCYC present !!!
I'm a new beach cat sailor searching for launch sites in the area. I live inWilliamsburg and sites seem few and far between.


Todd, there is an active fleet in Virginia Beach (Hobie Fleet 32). A bit of a haul from Williamsburg, but if interested PM me. Most of the fleet keeps their boats at Chesapaeake Beach, Virginia Beach. I split time between there and East Beach in Norfolk.

NACRA 5.8na
Chesapeake, VA
I'm glad to hear there is an active Hobie fleet in Va Beach! Makes me excited about getting home from overseas and buying my first H16. Just hope I can find one decent priced so I can hit the water again. I've never owned one before but have rented many times and I'm hooked.