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Restoring Hobie 17 but converting it to H-17 Sport Cat  Bottom

  • Question been looking for a Jib for awhile (used)
    Can I not use a H-16 or H-18 Jib ???
    Bob Jilek
    Lake Huron Waters
    Ontario Canada
  • Not sure about the H16 jib, but a H18 jib would definitely not be able to have the cleats mounted on the front crossbar the way the H17 does. They would need to be mounted to the tramp tracks, like a H18. Also not sure if the luff length would be an issue. The H18 mast is a foot longer than the H17, so there is a chance the luff length may not be compatible.

    The H16 jib is also functionally different than the H17. On the H16, the jib luff wire and halyard are intended to function as the forestay. The H17 jib has a zippered luff that wraps around the forestay. Two totally different systems. Plus the H16 jib is fully battened. If the foretriangle on the H17 is smaller than the H16, then getting the battens across during a tack could be an issue. The position of the cleats could also present s problem.

    I think you could definitely have some challenges trying to get a jib from another boat to work properly.

  • I have a H17 jib that came with my boat that I would sell. Do you need any other conversion parts? I have a front spreader bar with furler and the jib cleats that mount on the front beam.
  • Been having trouble posting but here is a video I made to remember how everything is setup: https://youtu.be/Ll9AOLrLbho

    James F25C + H17
  • QuoteBeen having trouble posting


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