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  • Do you remember that perfect day out sailing?

    Seldom short tacking to weather.

    Mostly broad, beam and close reaches.

    And never more breeze than you could comfortably control and very seldom becalmed.

    Maybe an hour or two.

    Thomas Coville has had that trip most all the way around the world.

    He's cruising up the Atlantic at 26 knots.

    2600 miles ahead of the record.

    The only thing better than being good, is to be lucky and good.
  • The Vendee boats are taking a beating.

    I can't imagine breaking the hull a few hundred miles south of New Zealand.

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  • Hitting a shipping container at 25 kts, yikes. Gnarly damage to that carbon fiber structure.

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    Marstrom Tornado
    Hobie Wave
  • The Jackal has had a near perfect run. Hugo Boss is now the stalker 500 mi behind and no port foil. Still a lot of race left as they near Cape Horn. So weired to see monohulls acting with the stability of tris and even full foiling cats.



    First link is more accurate second link is more informative.

    For the weather geeks:


    Brad in Jax

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  • And an update for Coville:


    He is in the home stretch of an incredible record unless he has crazy stupid bad luck in the doldrums or a mechanical difficulty.

    Brad in Jax

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  • 150 miles to go.

    Thomas Coville looks to post the 3rd fastest time around the globe.

    Three cheers to the skipper!
  • Awesome!!!

    1984 Hobie 16 "Yellow Fever"
    Opelika, Al / Lake Martin
  • Frances Joyon has started a new attempt. He started out slow but is now in the real fast mode.
    More miles in a day than many of us have in several years of sailing.


    481 posts

    Posted Today, 04:19 AM
    Bilan jour 12 - distance en 24h : 832.30 mn - moyenne : 34.68 nds - retard : 587.60 mn
    Bilan jour 13 - distance en 24h : 872.80 mn - moyenne : 36.37 nds - retard : 369.20 mn 
    Bilan jour 14 - distance en 24h : 872.30 mn - moyenne : 36.35 nds - retard : 294 mn 
    Bilan jour 15 - distance en 24h : 869.40 mn - moyenne : 36.23 nds - retard : 117.40 mn
  • Frances Joyon and crew are about to complete their circumnavigation of the world in 40 days and change. Knocking 4 days off the old record. They are 225 miles from the finish at 26 knots at 99% velocity made good.

    Three Cheers for the Skipper and Crew!

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