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Nacra Rudder Bungee  Bottom

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  • Great info, thanks for the details.


    Marstrom Tornado
    Nacra 5.0

  • The bungee never worked very well for me, i replaced it with rope and added a cleat to the rudder arms Much safer for short distance trailering with the rudders on.
  • QuoteThe bungee never worked very well for me

    Ditto. I broke a 3/8 bungee on Sunday. I left them up for a long race and the floating up and down sawed the line. Sanding the casting would do the trick, but I have another want. My Trac 14 would lift the rudders sky high. With them up, the jib furled, and main centered the boat would drift slowly backwards. I miss being able to "park" on the water. I was also launching straight from a trailer to the beach and the angle of attack caused the rudders to hit ground first. The 5.2 I am grabbing next week was converted to lifting lines. Once I see it I may switch my 5.0 over.

    83' NACRA 5.0
    81' NACRA 5.2
    Previously owned H18, Trac 14, G-Cat 5.0, H14T
    BYC, Mobile, AL

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