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Hobie 16 Super Jib Battens - Installation  Bottom

  • I have the original jib on my 1984 Hobie 16. The battens were hinged, one hinge broke, and I couldn't find replacement hinges. So, I bought a set of Super Battens to replace them. The original battens were tied, but these just have blunt capped ends. How do I install Super Battens properly? icon_confused
  • What i did with mine is drill you two small holes, about 1/8" diameter ( just large enough to get the string through ) about a inch apart towards the end of the batten that's sticking out with the white cap, then lace them as you would a regular batten and tie off. You don't have to get them super super tight, just snug where there's no chance they'll fall out. They work great btw!!

    Tim Grover
    1996 Hobie Miracle 20
    Two Hobie 14's
    1983 G-Cat Restored
    Memphis TN / North Mississippi
  • Thanks Tim! When I ordered them, I didn't realize they had to be modified, so was a little confused.

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