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Beware SCAM Nacra F18 Infusion 2008 for sale  Bottom

  • http:// http://www.cat-al…2008-f18-nacra-infusion

    Beware!!! This is SCAM SCAM SCAM I contacted this person, and all was fake, they just want your money 500Usd for boat shipping but to a non exist delivery company. After i contacted head shipping company they told me that this is a scam, dont pay for it. Mail was from public domain - ushiphamburg@zoho.com no private company domain @uship.com .They wanted transfer money via Western Union, take your money and no way to get it Back!!! First address for pay was to Cameroon!!! Second to Hamburg. Beware Please dont contact - SCAM. Im ready to send you all my email communication for trust!!! I also contacted Internet Crime Complaint Center. I checked pictures on Google picture search and this pictures are old, no like that person says. This person make me realy angry , wanted deceive my!!! icon_mad
    Please inform in a another forums.
    My personal experience!!!!
  • http://www.cat-alist.com/index.php/to-buy-sell/1-boats-for-sale/45-2008-f18-nacra-infusion
  • Unfortunately that is very common and that very boat has been discussed here before. It was advertised here for a short while before Damon axed it.

    Greenville SC

    Offering sails and other go fast parts for A-class catamarans
  • But fear not I do have some beachfront property that will hold a fleet of beachcats. It has a large sandy beach at low tide and you will love living in the mansion when it it isn't under water. It is located right near you and it comes with everything you need. Don't let your friends see this and I am giving it to you first because I know I can trust that you will send me the $2000 dollar western union wire transfer. Such a bargain. I will throw in a F18 Infusion to sweeten the deal

    2007 Nacra F18 Infusion
    Facebook: Sandy Hook Bay Catamaran Club

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