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Looking for sparring partners in Chesapeake  Bottom

  • Looking for sparring partners in the Chesapeake Bay region. Also with the possibility of traveling together, etc.
    I have an AHPC C2.
  • Serpents,

    You have my email and cell. We're the only other traveling F18 team on the bay (I think there is a Tiger in your region that doesn't travel). It's getting to be winter here, we have a Sunday frostbite series through November. I will post the West River schedule come spring time, we will likely be doing events up north again, and would love to double-stack.

  • We go with the kids in the chesapeake bay/outer banks area about every 2 years. In the past it was more for the beaches but now the kids are older so next time our Nacra inter 18 will be with us.

    We usually rent a cottage on the ocean.

    Where are the best place for sailing in that area?

    Thank you,


  • coolhead,
    Where exactly in the chesapeake/outerbanks were you curious about for sailing? The outerbanks is NC Chesapeake bay area could be considered anywhere from Northeastern Maryland and Baltimore down to the tip of the eastern shore and VA Beach. (You may want to start a new thread for your question so it will be seen by more)

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