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TRAC-14 jib bridle specs  Bottom

  • Newbie with a TRAC-14 in need of a tune-up. It has no rigging for the jib bridle or furler. Looking for the length of stays for the factory jib bridle so i can order some replacements. Would also like some recommendations for a suitable furler. And the covers for the storage compartments are toasted - can they be replaced?
  • If you are going to put a furler on, you probably need to shorten your forestay 5" to makle up for the length of the upper swivel & lower furling drum. A HArken 435 furler is fine for all but the biggest Beachcats.
    I think the Trac 14 is also a WIndrush. Try Googling Trac 14. This thread has a manual. PM Catsailor Mike, he might be able to put you in contact with his friends who own one.
    Dan Berger had some parts for sale last year, give him a call, if he doesn't have anything, he might know someone who does.
    Try PM to these guys

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